In Wolf Creek, everyone has a secret.


That includes our author, Ford Fargo—but we have decided to make his identity an open secret. Ford Fargo is the “house name” of Western Fictioneers—the only professional writers’ organization devoted exclusively to the traditional western, and which includes many of the top names working in the genre today.


Wolf Creek is our playground.


It is a fictional town in 1871 Kansas. Each WF member participating in our project has created his or her own “main character,” and each chapter in every volume of our series will be primarily written by a different writer, with their own townsperson serving as the principal point-of-view character for that chapter (or two, sometimes.) It will be sort of like a television series with a large ensemble cast; it will be sort of like one of those Massive Multi-player Role-playing Games you can immerse yourself in online. And it is like nothing that has ever been done in the western genre before.

You can explore our town and its citizens here at our website. Or you can open the pages of one of our books, and step into the dusty streets of Wolf Creek.

Just be careful. It’s a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to die there.


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