Our town was founded in 1855. Although most of the “Bleeding Kansas” violence occurred in the eastern part of the territory, there were skirmishes near Wolf Creek. It is now 1871, and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad has recently reached the town (it will not reach Dodge until 1872.) This has caused the town, which had previously been a “respectable” hamlet, to rapidly double in size (and led to the rise of Dogleg City, the seedy underside of the town.) Cattle drives are being made to the railhead from Texas, and buffalo hunters and prairie wolfers are active in the area. Several small farms and ranches dot the county, and there are four large spreads nearby. There is also an army outpost, Fort Braxton.

The northern part of town is older and more “respectable”, with a couple of churches and a school. “Dogleg City”, on the other hand, is a den of vice… with several gambling and drinking establishments, and a house of ill-repute (and, in the “lowest” part of town, cribs and hog pens with lower class prostitutes.) There is also an opium den.

The southernmost part of town used to be South Street, until Dogleg City sprang up. A new street was designated “Grant Street” by the town council, but the (mostly Texan) cowboys call it “Useless S. Grant Street.”

It’s a wild, wide open town where no one asks about your past. Because almost everyone in Wolf Creek has a secret. 

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